Monday, April 23, 2012

Evolution of process

A couple weeks ago I installed Figure - Propellerhead's slightly Reason-esque iPhone app. At just a buck, I figured it was worth playing around with. Overall, I'm not terribly excited by it. You can't save anything. You only have a two-bar length for a loop. And you can't even change the time signature from 4/4 to... anything.

Still it's been a quaint thing to have sometimes while I'm commuting on the bus or just killing a little bit of time.

The other day I came up with something that tickled me enough. So Sunday I hooked my phone up to my DAW and recorded it into Sonar LE. From there I putzed around with it in both Live and Audacity.

I'm not sure whether or not I'm done with it yet. It's still begging for some things here and there - reversed noises, ambient/room sounds... something.

Any other musicians out there have recommendations for iPhone-based software? I'm not looking for super-elaborate stuff necessarily. It would just be nice to put together some basic ideas - perhaps just beats or melodies - and do things like SAVE them or transfer them to my desktop.

Synths would be fun, too. I need to bone up a bit on my understanding of general synth controls and programming. I know my basics and understand most of the general principles. But getting a better experiential understanding would be awesome. There's so many sounds I hear but have little luck producing via the software I currently have.

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