Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The inconsistency of inconsistence...

It's rare that I drink a six pack in a day. Very rare.

I took the last dose of Prednisone Wednesday. My hearing, however, had made no improvement. In fact, when I woke up Friday, the hum in my ear was so loud I'm surprised no one else could hear it.


A friggin' factory cacophony in my ear. It was nigh unbearable.

But it was Friday! It was the first day of a camping outing with a bunch of friends and strangers. And it was my responsibility to handle check-in throughout most of the day.

A couple of us went back in to town before noon for one last round of supplies. As we scuttled around the grocery store I decided to grab a six pack of Shiner's Wild Hare (an IPA). I wasn't sure if it was a good idea. But, at the same time, I think a pessimistic part of me had sorta given up. Tossed in the proverbial towel. Why not have a little bit of decent drink, eh?

I never got _drunk_, mind you. Frankly I didn't even really get buzzed much. I had one beer with a slightly late lunch, one beer with dinner, one beer in between those two, and the others between 8 and midnight or so after I was done with my responsibilities.

I did reach that nice relaxed state, however. You know - where the weight of your worries is massaged a bit from your neck and back.

So to wake up the next morning with a slight hangover? Robbed, I tell you. ROBBED!!!

But the first thing I noticed after the small stab of pain? My hearing had returned to normal.

Wait... What? Yes. Normal.

I'm happy, mind you! It's quite relaxing to have my hearing at least temporarily back to a normative state. But... it makes no sense. I thought drinking was to be proscribed - as a possible aggravator for the Ménière's.

There is a chill chasing me, of course. I know that this may very well be temporary - that the symptoms could return even as early as tomorrow. (That it's been four days *is* significant, however!) The only thing I can do moving forward is determine what triggers there are and which ones I can reduce.

And hope it doesn't cause too much mayhem in the meantime.

Wheee! The adventure continues!