Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainbow Mountain Resort and after

Overall a decent gig. It was rather rainy and had been kinda threatening most of the late afternoon/evening so attendance was a little ... sluggish but it wasn't dead either. And the feedback we got was very positive!

There are some things I think we need to clean up in our act. I think we need a little more structure. It's something of a (developing) pet peeve to be up there and have several moments where we look at each other with a kinda stupefied, "uh... what should we play next?" It's just unprofessional.

Especially when James ASKS me that over the microphone. X(

I think the Longfork gig went better personally. I was just more in my element then - being a musical slut for example - and relaxed enough to feel the moment. I felt the connection between James and I, I knew the material and felt confident...

This time, while I knew the material, the staging was a bit odd. James was on a higher platform but enshrouded in more darkness. I felt like the spotlight and thus the onus of attention was more on me - a situation I don't want.

Plus I think I hit the right social lubrication at Longfork. Having the rest of the gang - Freddy, Kendal, Jay, Charlie - certainly helped that a bit. But I'd also gotten time to go out and meet some of the people, to get to know the folk who were there to watch us.

I guess... I guess it felt more communal and less ... 'pretentious.' A "here we are, time to share my art with you" rather than "here I am to perform for you" kinda context.

This gig we only had a little schmoozing time before the performance and many people didn't put in much of an appearance until the show. Perhaps that's another effect of the environment - guys seemed to clique off really quickly and there wasn't quite as much of a "let's all get together and party!" kinda vibe.

But I'm not sure. Somehow it just felt... colder.

Plus I wasn't feeling the most socially gregarious. The social explosion I've felt over the past couple months seems to be hitting a sorta inverse reaction point. I just wanted more time to myself and my guitar - to avoid the implications, the ramifications, the complexities and just exist with art.

And I did get some decent time with my guitar. Got some new-ish ideas to follow and made a couple microscopic steps forward on older stuff. Nothing major, mind you, but definitely a step *THAT* *WAY* - something I need to push myself more into.

I need to step forward - whatever that direction may be.