Sunday, November 11, 2012

[ BtC ] "I Want Someone" (by Dave Montana)

I absolutely fell in love with "I Want Someone" the first time I heard it. There's something in Dave's voice on the chorus that is utterly adorable. It's catchy. It's plaintive without being whiny. And every time I'm listening I can't help but sing along while wanting to SnuggleCrush™ Dave to bits.

I always feel a little awkward when covering a friend's tune. There's a part of my head saying, "how could you be so conceited as to think you could do this song any justice?" Another asks, "how do you think [super-awesome-friend-and-musician-in-question] feels about having their song co-opted and altered??!?!"

Oh, I know that some musicians actually enjoy having their stuff covered - they understand and see the flattery. But I still feel a little paranoid. Perhaps it's because I'm such a perfectionist/control-freak when I write my own stuff. Hrmmm...

I met Dave - then known as Dave Montana and now as Storybox - back in 2004. We were both performing in a show for the Seattle Bear's "Spring Thaw" and it was one of the tunes on his set. And it was just absolute love at first ... listen?

I first threatened to cover it with a former band - the bootLICKERS. John (the lead singer) had a similar quality to his voice. I think we actually did manage to perform it once. But then the John sorta disappeared and... well, the band folded.

Full disclosure: I don't feel like my voice quite suits the song. I like what I've done with my take on it. But I feel like it loses the sorta genuine and innocent quality of Dave's and almost becomes angry. His voice is higher and lighter, mine lower and throatier. Hrmmm. You're welcome to disagree, however! :D